Getting Started

Everything you need to know to start winning opportunities with Growth Haus!

The Basics

Key Components of Basic Campaigns

Find the people you want to target and create the outreach strategy that gets you heard.

There are two key components for building an outreach campaign using the Growth Haus’ basic sequences:

  1. Prospect Targeting;
  2. Engagement Touchpoints.

Once you have your target group set up, and have entered the URL or uploaded your .CSV file into the search bar, there are 3 toggles that need to be considered:

  1. Target LinkedIn Premium accounts only;
  2. Include people (LinkedIn accounts) I have talked to before;
  3. Enable link tracking.

Target LinkedIn Premium Accounts Only

This toggle will allow you to filter out any profiles that are not Premium LinkedIn **members so that you can target only those people who use the paid version of the service.

Growth Haus Tips:

  • Premium LinkedIn users have an investment and tend to be more active on the platform;
  • "Open" Premium Profiles are the only members you can contact by InMail without using your credits. The only way to have the Open setting is by being a premium user;
  • Premium members are the only people with whom you can connect on LinkedIn that don't cost you an InMail credit when they are your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

Include People I Have Talked To Before

Growth Haus gives you the ability to retarget or exclude profiles that you have already spoken to.

In order to retarget profiles or pull in people that you have had conversations with - from the target list that you have added - you need to turn this toggle to the "on" position.

If you are working with Net New Prospects and want to exclude any profiles that exist in other campaigns - or that you have spoken to in the past - it is important to move this toggle to the “off” position.

Enable Link Tracking

To understand which of your prospects are clicking on your links and visiting your website, and what’s their behavior when browsing a website or app, you need to engage this toggle.

When the Link Tracking toggle is enabled, your links will be converted to "Growth Haus Links", which means your prospects will not see them as you have entered them in your outbound messages.

Growth Haus tracks both LinkedIn & Email link clicks and provides valuable insights into your prospect's online behavior. Open the reporting tab in your dashboard to see the details.

Campaign Outreach Low?

Are you experiencing low outreach?

Here are a few items to look at to see why this might be happening:

Check your Settings

It's always great to check your account limits first.  This can be found in the settings menu on the left-hand side of Growth Haus. You can increase the amount of outreach by sliding the tabs up and down to your preferred spot.  You're able to slide to its max setting, however, this isn't suggested.  It's best to keep the numbers in the green.


Check your Campaigns

If your settings are where you like them, but you're still not experiencing adequate outreach. You can also check your campaigns. Have they fully completed? If so, be sure to add more prospects to the campaign to continue outreach. If you'd like more information on adding prospects you can check out the articles here.

Check your Integrations

If your settings are accurate and you have prospects in your campaigns you can check your integrations next. Be sure your email integration is still connected. This is needed to send emails. You'll see a small red "!" next to the campaign if your integrations aren't connected properly. You can fix the integrations by checking the integrations menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Growth Haus Engagement Actions & Touchpoints

Using various touchpoints is key to successfully gaining the attention of your target group. Try different strategies to create replicable results.

Growth Haus has a growing list of actions and functionalities that you can incorporate into your campaigns. Various touchpoints have been designed to engage your prospect across multiple outreach channels, run well-rounded campaigns and create endless strategies that drive results.

Send Message

Messages are sent to First Degree LinkedIn Connections using LinkedIn.

Send Email

Emails are sent to the selected email address of your prospects using your connected email. Growth Haus supports 3 types of emails:

1. Send to Work email

Work emails can be added to the database by uploading a CSV file with the "work_email" variable.

2. Send to Personal email

Growth Haus sources the Personal email of your prospect based on what is available on LinkedIn.  Alternatively, Personal emails can be assigned by uploading a CSV file that includes the "personal_email" variable.

3. Send to Enriched email

Growth Haus sources the **Enriched email **using the Enrichment feature. Enriched emails are sourced from our database of +255M verified work emails. We are continuously expanding our database, but if we can’t deliver on our promise, we don't charge you a penny.

Perform Action

We perform numerous actions on LinkedIn to get the attention of your prospects without overloading them with Direct Messages. We can Like posts, Endorse skills, Follow profiles and Comment on posts*.

Auto-Profile View

Let your prospects know you are thinking about following up with them by stopping by their page. Keep in mind, if you have your profile set to private, you’re searching anonymously, and they won't get a notification. Make sure to turn off LinkedIn private Mode in “Profile viewing options” and start connecting!

Auto-Follow Profile

The Follow feature on LinkedIn stands out from a View. It’s a subtle touchpoint that lets your prospects know that you’re interested in seeing their posts and staying up to date with their activities in the long run. What’s important is that you don’t need to be connected to the particular profile to follow their activities.

Auto-Like Last 3 Posts

Your LinkedIn profile is subtlety liking the top posts for your prospects. The feature enables you to show you're interested in the content that they are putting out, enabling you to strengthen your professional connections over time.

Auto-Comment Last 3 Posts

Coming Soon!

Endorsing Skills

We want your prospects to know that you appreciate and endorse their professional skills and expertise. Remember, people like to work with people they like and that like them. By showing that you respect their achievements, you can kick off business conversations easier and nourish more trusted relationships.

Send InMail

Growth Haus’ InMail outreach function targets LinkedIn Premium members with the Open setting. The feature allows you to contact 2nd and 3rd-degree connections who are open to receiving messages from people who fall outside their 1st-degree network.

Using InMail, you can send longer messages to profiles that you haven't connected to (use up to 200 characters in the subject line and up to 1900 characters in the body).

Send Connection Request

Send LinkedIn invites from your connected LinkedIn profile to the targeted profiles in your search. Connection requests can be sent without adding a welcome message, but you can also craft a custom paragraph up to 300 characters.

Sending invites without an attached message is Growth Haus’ default, and it is achieved by keeping the toggle off.

Turn the toggle on to add a personalized message of your choice and start building rapport with your prospects.

Send Connection Request by Email

LinkedIn has imposed a restriction on the number of invitations you can send. Whether using or not, chances are your account is restricted to sending somewhere between 100-250 invitations per week.

Growth Haus’ Send Connection Request feature operates outside those numbers and significantly increases the number of weekly invitations that you can send.

Read more: Limited to 100 LinkedIn Invites Per Week? Well, not anymore.

Connection requests come with a default message ("I'd like to add you to my professional network") and do not support custom messages.

Enrich Profile

The profile enrichment step means that Growth Haus will work on obtaining a verified work email for each prospect who hits this step.

Send Webhook

Coming Soon!

Growth Haus Tips:
  • A/B testing different searches and target groups with various sequence designs and templates are key to the success of your campaigns