Profile & Account Settings

Connecting your account and optimizing your workspace and profile preferences.

Account Settings

How to Change Your Account Settings

Can’t find how to change certain settings? Fear not, this guide should help you out.

Most settings can be accessed via your Growth Haus dashboard. In this guide, you’ll find out which settings can be altered and how to access them.

Select “Settings” from the panel on the left hand side


This will bring up a number of changeable options, such as Account Limits, Account Location, and Pending Connections. These will allow you to update certain details, like your working hours and time zone.

You can also set up certain preferences, such as Blacklists (i.e., who to disregard in marketing campaigns). Account Limits also lets you adjust how many messages you send per day, and other aspects of your campaign operations.

Select “User Settings” from the dropdown menu in the top right corner


Here you can access and update all your personal information, such as your name, address, company, and industry. You can also change your password and manage which members have access to your workspace.

Understanding Account Limits

Are you unsure what’s meant by your “account limits”? This guide will help you understand it all.

Your account limits page can be accessed from your home dashboard. Simply click on “Settings” from the menu on the left-hand side, and then “Account Limits”.


Now that you’re on this page, here’s a run down of what you’re looking at and what it all means:

Run on weekends

If you activate this, your campaigns and messages will continue to be sent even on weekends. Growth Haus does this automatically for you, so your outreach will be further optimized.

Use Connection Requests Booster

Turning this on will increase the number of LinkedIn connection requests you send from your account. This is great for improving your response rate.

Limits per day

These sliders indicate how much automated work Growth Haus is performing under a number of categories. These categories are listed as follows:

Views of profiles

This relates to the number of people you notify about viewing their profile.

Connections by email

LinkedIn recently disabled this feature, but fear not - we expect it to return soon!

Connection requests

The number of connection requests sent to 2nd and 3rd degree LinkedIn connections.


The number of messages sent through LinkedIn.


The number of InMails sent to LinkedIn Premium members who have chosen to open their account to 2nd and 3rd degree messages.

Pages searched

This refers to the number of pages searched by Growth Haus each day. Every 10 pages searched returns around 250 profiles.


This is the number of emails sent through every integration you have linked with Growth Haus.

Connections via Booster

This is an additional number of LinkedIn connection requests per day.

Understanding the sliders

You can adjust the sliders as you wish to produce your desired results, but pay attention to the colors. There are four colors a slider can be, and it's a good idea to take heed of whatever they recommend.


This color indicates you’re operating at a low level, but that’s recommended for smaller businesses or if you’re just starting out with Growth Haus. Start on black and work your way up.


A green color symbolizes the advisable level for the given category.


You might be edging towards dangerous territory here! Be cautious if your slider is yellow, as only seasoned Growth Haus users with high activity will benefit from these levels.


A red slider could suggest that your parameters are too high for that category.

We hope this guide has been helpful! With any luck, you’ll now have a better understanding of how to set various parameters for different categories. Just adjust the sliders and let Growth Haus do the rest!

Connection Request Booster

How to enable the Connection Request Booster

The Connection Request Booster will send additional connection requests beyond the 100 invite limit that is set by LinkedIn.

To enable this, simply navigate to your settings and toggle on the "use connection request booster" switch.  You'll know it's active because the switch will become blue.


Once it's active, a new slider will appear below labeled "Connection requests via API per day". Use these sliders to set the amount of connection requests that will be sent.


Important Note

The connection request booster invites are in addition to the regular connection requests. Use this setting at your discretion.

Run On Weekends

What does Growth Haus do when you’re relaxing on your days off? Well, a lot more than you might think.

Since Growth Haus is an automated software, it can perform many tasks even while you’re not using it. It’s designed to emulate human behavior, so it will send messages, like posts, and check profiles exactly like you would do if you were scrolling through LinkedIn.

To automate Growth Haus to run on weekends, all you have to do is head to your account limits in “Settings” and switch on the “Run on weekends” button. Growth Haus will then run during your normal working hours even on weekends and your days off!


Here’s what Growth Haus can automate for you during your nice, relaxing weekends:

  • Collect data and information
  • Check and view LinkedIn profiles
  • Send emails
  • Send direct messages
  • Send InMail
  • Like and react to LinkedIn posts
  • Endorse skills on LinkedIn
Our Tips

No matter how hard it tries to be like one, Growth Haus is still not a human. Therefore, it relies on you to create effective and engaging campaigns that will interact with people in the warmest, most lifelike way possible.

We recommend using a variety of actions in your campaigns to avoid constant repetition of the same steps, which could come across as rather robotic.

Use the advanced sequence type when creating your campaigns to run A/B tests. This can give you valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t - and can drastically improve the results Growth Haus delivers.

Pending Connections

Keep track of how many pending invites you’ve sent with pending connections.

Growth Haus can automate a lot of your sales activity and outreach, including sending connection requests through LinkedIn.

Pending connections will be built up over time, but there are limits you can set which determine how many pending requests you can have at one time.

Follow these simple steps to access your pending connections limits:

  1. Head to “Settings” which you can find on the left-hand menu from your home dashboard.

  2. Then click on “Pending Connections”.


  3. Adjust the slider as you see fit, and toggle the “Delete oldest pending invitations” button as you desire.

    The “Pending Connections” slider you’re presented with determines how many pending requests you can have at one time. Increase this number if your campaigns send out a lot of connection requests.

    We also recommend switching on the “Delete oldest pending invitations” button, as this will automatically clear the oldest connection requests that lack responses to make way for new ones.

Time Zone and Working Hours

Introduction to Time Zone, Working Hours, and Account Location.

Growth Haus is designed to mimic your outbound behavior and improve your outbound strategy. Working hours, time zone, and account location are critical to ensuring Growth Haus is able to replicate your behavior and consistently perform outbound activity.

Managing your Time Zone and Working Hours

From the "Settings" tab on the left-hand panel, you will find the Account Location tab where you can adjust your timezone and scheduled working hours.


Use my PC Time Zone for Message Inbox

Growth Haus will use the local time of your computer and show inbox messages based on your current local time. This will override the Time Zone set for Work Hours and only affect the times shown in your Inbox.

Time Zone

Select the geographical time zone location that you would you outbound activity to be based on.

Work Hours

This reflects the hours that Growth Haus will perform outbound actions using your account. We always recommend normal working hours and default from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

LinkedIn Inbox Sync Interval Settings

Here’s everything you need to know about understanding your LinkedIn inbox sync interval setting. This is how often your Growth Haus dashboard syncs new and existing conversations.

It can be so beneficial to have everything in one place, which is why Growth Haus lets you connect your inbox from LinkedIn to your Growth Haus inbox.

You can also adjust how often you want your inboxes to sync using sliders. Here’s how you find your LinkedIn inbox sync interval settings:

  1. Head to and log in, or simply go to your home dashboard.

  2. Click on “Settings” from the menu panel on the left-hand side

  3. Click on “LinkedIn Account” and at the bottom of the panel you’ll see a heading which reads “LinkedIn Inbox Sync Interval Settings”.


  4. Adjust the sliders as you see fit.

There are two adjustable sliders that you can use to change how often your Growth Haus and LinkedIn inboxes sync together.

We recommend the first slider be set at as little time as possible, so you can be sure to stay updated whenever a message comes in.

The second slider you can set a little higher, as this determines how often your inboxes sync when you’re not working. This slider will work alongside the working hours you have set for your account.